Square Net

• Mono oriented extruded nets. Made with special plastic resins. Used for different applications according to their structure, dimensions and flexibility properties.

Specifications for Floriculture Square Net

• Width: 1m
• Length. 30m
• Net size: 15 x 15mm
• Assorted colors.


• Reinforced.
• Flexible according to the customer need.
• Resistant.
• Easy to install.
• It won't rust.
• Resistant to chemical agents.
• Weatherproof*
* Weatherproof related to sunlight exposure is estimated for 6 months of direct sunlight. For longer life expectancy please contact us to custom fit the product to your specific needs.

We have the capability to develop a complete set of square nets according to your needs. To see additional products please download the complete product line brochure. If you need a product not listed in the brochure please contact us.